About the brand

The Solarsilver brand was founded in Lviv in 2018. The name Solar Silver is a play on words that combines Solar System and Sterling Silver.

The name has become symbolic for us, in the same way that by combining silver and natural pearls, we were inspired by the shapes of the celestial bodies, which gave rise to our iconic collections such as Comet and Clouds.

The main idea of ​​the brand is to understand how different a woman can be every day, and to broadcast it with the help of jewelry.

Therefore, in our collections you can find both everyday minimalist jewelry and shining, bright, encrusted pearls and massive chains.

  • Author's jewelry technique

    Every one of our products is the detailed work of our designer, who draws his inspiration from various sources: from celestial bodies, from bright impressions from travels, from the colors and forms of living nature.

    That is why each of our jewelry is a special style, mood and image.

  • ️24/7 customer support

    Our managers advise you and answer your questions at any time, even on weekends.

    Because our main goal is to keep our service at the highest level.

  • ️Our guarantees

    Solarsilver is about quality. Our products use only natural materials such as sterling silver, cubic zirconia, natural pearls and semi-precious stones.

    In this regard, we can safely give a guarantee for our jewelry - 1 year.

    Another advantage of ours is that we support our customers in any emergency situations.

    If the jewelry, for example, has mechanical damage, in this case we will repair it free of charge and eliminate all defects of the product.

  • Free shipping and great deals

    The Solarsilver brand is always about care and benefit for our customers.

    That is why we offer free delivery to our customers from UAH 1,000 per order.

    Another advantage for our customers is discounts of -10% on the second decoration and -10% on the entire order when buying three decorations.

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